About Us


Meet the Maker

Culinary graduate with a Masters in Management, Farah had a plan to open a restaurant. However, her life plans took a turn when she developed a skin condition called Perioral Dermatitis. 

When she found that medications, over the counter nor commercial products were helping, she turned to making her own skincare using fruit and plant based ingredients. It was through this research that she found the dangers of harmful ingredients in most commercial products. 

When Farah found that using her own products kept her dermatitis from coming back she decided to dedicate herself to this. To providing clean cosmetics in hopes to help others bring their skin to health with safe ingredients.

Through this she likes to combine her passion for both healthy foods and skincare into her products. She focuses on the health of fruit-based, healthy, clean ingredients and shows her art through bringing rich textures, colors, and unique and effective ingredient combinations.